Help A Sister Out!

help a sister out mission statement


Help A Sister Out is a 501c3 organization that focuses on motivating teenage mothers between the ages of 13-19. we support all teen moms and assist them in becoming better mothers by completing school and focusing on providing for their child/children and themselves.


about us


Help A sister out is a nonprofit organization with our 501c3 tax exempt status that was founded in 2015. we believe that our teen moms should be loved and not judged. with so many people being quick to judge there has to be a place where they can feel loved, hence the reason help a sister out came into existence. We are there for our teen moms when it comes to School, babysitters, jobs, resume's, food, consultation, homes, and so much more. We are constantly raising money to be able to assist with clothes for the kids or the Mother, help with rent, school supplies, transportation, etc. We offer training classes on budgeting and saving so that all of our teen moms as a whole can become successful and be good role models to their kids. our goal is to get each of our mothers off of welfare so that they can provide the life that they always wanted to for their kids.

supporting adolescent and teen moms


We are trying to raise $10,000 or more to secure a location for our teen moms that need a place to live.