ARE YOU A TEEN MOM? Help A Sister Out offers FREE help to those teens who has a child and wondering What will I do Now!



* GED – free tutoring and testing!

* Job Prep (resume, application, etc.)

* College Help

* You can go to college for free!

We also help you with application, grants, tutoring

* Transportation & Childcare

* Parenting Classes

* Healthy Relationships Classes

* Legal assistance (free parenting orders)

* Human Services assistance



FUN ACTIVITIES with other teen moms

* Moms Night Out, Lunch Dates

* Holiday Parties

* Free diapers and supplies



* A Safe place to live for 12 months

* Assistance with Parenting

* Help with finishing school and/or going to college

* Human Services assistance

* Help starting your career

* Assistance with a vehicle


Help A Sister Out is a weekly program for teen mothers and pregnant teens.

You can earn free baby clothes and other baby items.  It’s free to come and childcare is provided. 
If you are pregnant or a mom 13-19 years old, come check out one of our 6 life skills programs
Our goal is to encourage healthy, positive parenting.

Bring your baby, we can’t wait to meet you!


WHAT GOES ON AT Help A Sister Out?

 Each week’s meetings will involve activities and opportunities including:
-Child safety training
-Planning and tracking educational goals and achievements
-Workshops on: relationships, goals, finances, anger, sex education, etc. 
-One-on-one mentor relationships
-Earning baby clothes and other baby items through positive parenting practices
-Regular celebrations of holidays & milestones
-Access to parent & child resources
-Promoting healthy parenting
-Participation in creative projects
-Life skills training

Come hang out and get to know other girls in the community who are pregnant or have children & be supported and cared for.

Everyone receives a free gift on their first visit!  No need to sign up, just show up.
​(Send us a text if you are planning on attending so that you can make sure we have class on that day.  678-983-4555

If you have questions call or text us at: 678-983-4555
I Have a Baby, Now What?